New Frontier’s Tiny Homes Can Be Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Tiny house living is much more than downsizing for the sake of simplicity. David Latimer, the founder and CEO of New Frontier Tiny Homes, got involved in this niche market as a way of encouraging people to live with intention. From economic responsibility to curating a home full of belongings that bring you true happiness, the reasons to invest in a petite pad are endless.

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New Frontier Tiny Home Logo, Explained

Yes, That’s A Buffalo… …In A Space-Suit. The buffalo in a space-suit serves many purposes. In a nutshell, our logo represents an emblem of the New Frontier for American society at large – a meshing of the original Western Frontier, and the...

David Latimer

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Celebrating Materials As We Move Away From Materialism

This is your year of living better and freeing yourself from materialism. It’s your year to experience happiness and warmth outside of the material world. And materialism...

David Latimer

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Why Tiny Homes?

The inspiration behind tiny homes is this: life is short. Who among us, reflecting upon the life we have lived, would choose to be surrounded by our possessions rather than our people, recalling the shared experiences...

David Latimer

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