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Lighting is Everything

Lighting is the single most important part of our designs. Everything we design starts with lighting, both natural light and especially lighting design.

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Life Starts and Ends with Lighting.

Truly, nothing is as important to life on this Earth as light. With great lighting design, even a very boring room can be transformed a beautiful, engaging, versatile, and dynamic space.

We are especially obsessed with hidden lighting. One of our lighting secrets is to hide the source of the light. Whether LED valances, low lamps, toe kick cabinet lights, I like to give my clients total control over the mood and lighting in their spaces. One way we achieve this is by putting each light on a separate, dimmer switch.

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Multi-Functional ADU Room
An old cramped garage alternative dwelling unit gets a functional makeover.
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Boho 1930s Bungalow
This home was all white plaster walls before David got a hold of it.

He turned this old house into a warm, welcoming, Boho Wabi Sabi Lair full of unique character and charm.
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