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The Walden House for Rhone

Made for fitness, inspired by life

The inspiration behind tiny homes is this: life is short.

Who among us, reflecting upon the life we have lived, would choose to be surrounded by our possessions rather than our people, recalling the shared experiences of our lives? Tiny homes are about bringing that which matters most to the forefront of our daily living: developing autonomy, living debt free with economic responsibility, flexibility and freedom to travel,  change careers, cultivate work life balance, time to read and learn, always accruing experience, not more stuff. Downsizing, which can seem a daunting undertaking, is one of the most empowering things a person can do to restructure and redesign one’s life.

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Not just another boutique

Most of the things we buy are tools. Even lavish clothes and obscure gadgets are put to functional use. The inherent value of tools is in how they are used, not in the objects themselves.  They should simplify our lives, rather than distract us from the pursuits and relationships most important to us.  The size of tiny homes gives us natural limitations on how much we can acquire. These constraints are liberating, not restricting. Because there are no huge basements or 6 closets to store all those things we don’t use, they invite us to go forth into the world. They welcome us to be intentional about what and how we purchase.

Capitalism is far from perfect, but it isn’t going anywhere in the near future.  So we have to wake up. We have to start paying attention to how systems work and how our individual actions affect commercial patterns.  On the scale of society, it’s easy to become jaded about how little our individual voices matter.

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