New Frontier Tiny Home Logo, Explained

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New Frontier Tiny Home Logo, Explained

David Latimer

July 30, 2023

Yes, That’s A Buffalo……In A Space-Suit.

The buffalo in a space-suit serves many purposes. In a nutshell, our logo represents an emblem of the New Frontier for American society at large – a meshing of the original Western Frontier, and the “Final” Frontier – space.

But, first and foremost, we want our logo to be a reminder to have fun. Buying a home and finding a place to live is and always has been a source of stress and angst. Life is stressful. It is our hope that our logo serves as a reminder to everyone in our company that life needs to have a little whimsical sprinkled in. If we can’t remember to have fun along the path of life –  to take a moment to give thanks and appreciate the small and sometimes silly things, even in the midst of great uncertainty, discomfort, or worse yet, great suffering, how can we expect to find happiness?

The Buffalo is an icon of the classic American Western Frontier – a place built and settled by bold people with limited resources, who chose a completely new lifestyle that had never been, all while living in small spaces. The buffalo also serves as a reminder of our responsibility as people to be stewards of nature, of our planet. Stewards of our resources, of our communities.

The Space-Suit… the Final Frontier – another place explored by people living in small spaces. The first courageous people exploring space lived in small spaces because to them, it made the most sense to conserve resources in order to use what they had to investigate life around them. Well to us, tiny homes are about doing just that – living in a new way… exploring life in a new way. Go forth and see what you haven’t yet seen. Don’t waste money on empty, unused space. We have an opportunity to do things in a new way – To avoid following the status quo of boring living. Be your own person.

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