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Tell me more about the Escher

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Can I make any modifications to the Escher?

Yes! The basic floor plan is the same across all of our Escher builds. However, you get to pick paint colors, sinks, countertops, backsplash, vanity, flooring, and plumbing and lighting fixtures. We can also include a soaking tub in the bathroom, a la the Dunkin’ Home. We can even install a wood stove, like this one from Morso.

Where is the mini-split mounted in the Escher?

There are multiple options, depending on your preference. We can mount it in the kitchen between the range hood and the master bedroom wall, over the garage door up high, or on the face of the art wall.

Can I install a screen on the garage door?

Yes. All of our windows come standard with screens. We can also install a screen like this one that operates on the garage door track and also has its own entry/exit.

Can we engineer the Escher roof to handle a large snow load?

Yes. We can increase the pitch of the butterfly roof, upgrade the framing package, or use a combination of these solutions.

What is the durability of the cedar siding in a harsh climates?

Depending on where your home will be located, we would use penetration stain products vs. shou sugi ban. The fact is, real wood siding needs maintenance and refinishing annually to extend the finish and longevity of the appearance. It is lower maintenance to go with a metal or non-cedar product (the Escher has metal siding on the end sections already).

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